Benjamin NG

System Analyst Programmer Network Engineer

My Services

System Development

Develops total solutions of IT systems.

Network Engineering

Establish robust, reliable and secure network environment for your business.


Discover the possibilities of IoT and my creativities on building user interactive campaign and automating complex routine jobs.

Mobile Apps

Developing mobile app to activate the capability of converged system, IoT, campaigns and events.

About Me

Who am I ?

I am not a student anymore but that picture seems looking great forever.

I am a System Analyst/Analyst Programmer. My capabilities are all things related to system planning, programming/coding, trouble shooting. Network Engineering is a field I am interested to and that is the reason I can plan converged IT system for businesses.

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Don't trust me. I'm not a liar.

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My Skills

My skills

Since 2016, I have been working as an analyst programmer in several companies. My skills were sharpen and strengthen over the time.

Moreover, I have been participated in projects as system analyst responsible for planning border landscape in IT systems.

Solution Planning
Network Engineering
Mobile Application Development

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